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DSC Power Series 1864 Wireless TRANCEIVER Package Deal
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Manufacturer: TSS
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  Power Series 1864 Wireless TRANCEIVER Package Deal

Our stunning new transceiver package gives you the ultimate in installation convenience by merging the wireless transceiver module and WT5500B wireless keypad into the best hybrid alarm panel on the market today, the Power Series 1832/1864.


Being predominantly a wireless system, disruption to décor is kept to the minimum. The DSC wireless range includes some of the most aesthetically attractive components available anywhere (check out the wireless recessed plunger switches on this site for an example). And to emphasise this, our package includes the new sleek WT5500B wireless keypad with the beautiful blue screen.

Wireless Convenience

Reduce installation time and provide coverage for areas where running wire is not an option.
2-Way Wireless reduces the time spent enrolling compatible wireless devices. Installers confirm Electronic Serial Numbers (ESN), zone numbers and zone type through a series of user friendly screens.

Placement Testing

The proposed placement of each wireless device should be tested before it is mounted. Testing the signal strength between the EZ TR5164 and wireless devices can be accomplished in a group (global placement testing) or individually. To ensure placement is well within wireless range, while in test mode, the sensitivity of the receiver is reduced. This will assist installers to confirm that the installation has been properly set up and can tolerate future changes in the environment.

System test time can also be reduced by the simple fact that the keypad is completely wireless - allowing you to take it to the detector you are working on (rather than running back and forth to the keypad as you would with conventional systems).

General Features:

Supports both 2-way (wireless keypads and wireless fobs) and 1-way wireless devices (detectors and fobs)
Supports up to 4 wire-free keypads - WT5500
Supports 60 wireless zones
Supports 16 Wireless Keys (any combination of 1-way or 2-way wireless keys)
Supports wired as well as wireless zones to the systems capacity (zones 25-28 must be wireless detectors, zones 29-32 are reserved for wireless keypad supervision)
8-partition support for 1-way wireless keys
Partition 1 ONLY for any 2-way device (WT5500 or WT4989)
Easy wireless enrolment process with WT5500

Package Contents

1x PC1864 V4.6 PCB
1x AWO150 Metal Cabinet (c/w Transformer and Tamper Switch)
1x CL1 Cabinet Lock
1x 12V 7AH Battery
1X EZTR5164 Wireless Tranceiver Module
1x WT5500B Wireless Keypad with Blue Screen
1x Versa Bluefield Micro Wireless Contact
2x EZ4904P Wireless PIR with Pet Immunity
1x WT4989 ICON Wireless Keyfob
1x CQR Multibox Standard External Bell/Siren
1x CQR Multibox Decoy External Bell/Siren
2x CQR Random Multibox Lid ( If you would like a specific one please ask)
1x CFSS ES-41 Mini Internal Siren
Installation and user manuals

Note: The wireless part of this system will only function with the DSC EZ Wireless range of detectors (DSC Old Wireless will NOT work!).

For information and regional compliance certificates, please visit www.dsc.com.

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