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DSC WT4911 Replacement High Capacity Lithium Battery
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Manufacturer: DSC
Quick code: WT4911BATAM
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When installing a replacement battery in to the DSC WT4911, first remove the old battery and leave powered down for at least 10 minutes. Then follow the procedure listed below.


1. Hold the TAMPER switch closed and then plug in the battery.
2. Continue to hold the TAMPER switch closed for 10 seconds and then release it.
3. Once the TAMPER switch is released, the WT4911/WT8911 will flash the strobe to indicate that it`s in Depassivation mode.
4. When the Depassivation is complete, the strobe lights will shut off and the SIREN will start to bleep 3 times every 5 seconds.

Note: It can take a unit up to 30 minutes to fully depassivate a battery. If the WT4911/WT8911 determines that depassivation is not complete at the end of the 30 minutes, it will automatically stop trying and beep and once every 5 seconds. If this occurs, the battery should be replaced

5. Push in and then release the TAMPER switch. The WT4911/WT8911 Will go in to a normal power up sequence with 6 short beeps once every 5 seconds.
6. The WT4911/WT8911 is then ready to be enrolled on to the system or returned into service.

If the depassivation sequence does not start as detailed above, you will need to remove the battery, power down the bell for 10 minutes and then start the process from point 1 again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ONLY USE 14.5Ah batteries in the WT4911 or you may damage the unit.

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